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Blanket Weed Controllers

Blanket Weed Controller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How soon will I experience benefits?
The unit will treat the water and affect the growth of Spirogyra (blanket weed). In a new pond, the system will inhibit the development of blanket weed. This keeps the pond and the unseen pipes, pumps, filters, etc, clear.

In an established pond, there may be a phase where weed underwater makes its way to the pond’s surface and looks worse. However, no further weeds should grow below, and the pond will get healthier.

Ensure there is no blockage in the pump and filter to allow for good circulation of the treated pond water. The sooner you install a weed controller, the sooner you recover the situation.

Depending on the severity, pond owners may notice the difference in at least 24 hours.

Which pond controller is best suited?
We designed the ECO for smaller ponds up to 5000 gallons (22730 litres). The ECO + is ideal for up to 10000 gallons (45460 litres).

It does not matter if the weed controller is more powerful than necessary, as it will cause no harm. The larger model suits larger pipes and faster water flow rates.

If you select a unit that is too small, it may reduce weed growth but will not be optimum for removing it.

Where should you install it?
You should fit the device between the pump and filter where the pipe work is most accessible.

Fitting anywhere around the circulating loop is most effective. You must wrap the antenna around the pipe and mount the electrical unit nearby.

Can I install it myself?
Installation is a quick and straightforward D.I.Y job with no plumbing. The system fits around and next to the existing pipe(s) and has an attached power cable.

A qualified electrician should wire it to the regular power supply (depending on local regulations).

Do you need to buy chemicals or other items over time?
Operating the controller requires electric. Using the device does not require any additional items.

Is the treated water healthy?
Yes. The conditioning affects the calcium content's structure, disrupting algae growth. It does not diminish the desirable nutrient and oxygen content.

The treatment is similar to treating limescale damage from hard water. The pH also stays the same.

Does it harm fish or aquatic plants?
No. It affects the quite different growth mechanism of Spirogyra, a type of algae. Desired pond life, including aquatic plants and fish, is unaffected.

Fish and pond plants can benefit from the improved oxygen levels as pond algae growth consumes large amounts of oxygen.

How do I know if it is working?
The computer unit monitors its output current to ensure the system works. If there were a broken connection in a pipe antenna, the unit would indicate the fault.

Is the device safe?
Yes, the device complies with the required safety standards. The water system needs no adjustment, so there is no danger of creating water leaks.

The water conditioner output signals are safe, low voltages. The stray magnetic field is safe for humans and animals.

Using the device is a much more effective, safer, and long-term solution than other options, such as barley straw.

How is the device powered?
The system draws power from a regular power source. Check for the correct version for 230 (220/240) or 115 (110/120) volts AC (50/60Hz).

Power consumption is small (about 3 watts), similar to an alarm clock or video product on standby.

What type of pipes will it work on?
Both regular copper and all types of plastic are effective. It accommodates pipe diameters up to 25mm. The device will also work in iron or lead systems

However, arrange a copper or plastic pipe length for the antenna section. It works in any horizontal or vertical angle and flow direction. The ECO + is ideal for pipes up to 50mm.

You can add multiple control units for an optimum condition.

What causes blanket weed?
Blanket weed is a pond keeper's nightmare and is nature's way of balancing your water system. It grows because your water has a high pH and contains excess nutrients from fish waste, fertilisers, or fallen leaves. It is one of the filamentous algae (or a floating plant).

The blank weed uses these as a food source. These conditions, combined with hot sunny weather, see blanket weed thrive.

It has no direct benefit to wildlife and floats on the pond's surface. People class Spirogyra as a string alga, a form of floating blanket weed.

Should I remove the blanket weed?
No, removing blanket weed releases millions of spores. These spores germinate, and two weeks later, the problem will be worse.

Use Eco or Eco + units for pond blanket weed treatment and algae spores, and then scoop out the dead algae with a net.

Can it interact with any other equipment?
The device has no drawbacks; it will work in any garden pond system.

How long does the device last?
The device is electronic and has no moving parts or chemical processes involved to wear out. It should last as long as any regular electronic product.

You can forget about it as it requires no attention after switching on.

How long have you been making water conditioning systems?
We’ve been making and supplying electronic water conditioning systems since 2001.