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Blanket Weed Controllers

Blanket Weed Technical

Ordinary pond weed, or “Blanket Weed”, is actually Spirogyra which is a form of green algae that forms into helical filaments. These tend to mat together to form a gelatinous mass. It lives in fresh water and thrives in ponds with a high nutrient content. Their simple cell structure is dependent on the forms of calcium in the water, and their balance. The weed controller unit tips the balance by using a special low frequency magnetic field that favours a particular form that disturbs the metabolism of Spirogyra. In actual fact, it triggers a sudden and rapid spurt in growth activity that it cannot hope to sustain, and the weed dies quickly in the process.

The different growth mechanism and metabolism of Spirogyra does not apply to the wanted pond plants or resident animals, and is therefore safe for the other life in and around the pond.

The reforming of the calcium is effected by using a time-variant magnetic field which, although harmless to humans, is in sufficient concentration within the antenna that is wound around the pipe. Unlike the static effect of a permanent magnet, this field is tailored to optimise the effect using computer-generated waveforms of varying frequency.

This technique therefore adds no additional chemicals to the water, has no effect on it’s natural pH, and retains all of the beneficial nutrients, gases & minerals.  

Blanketweed Before and After Treatment