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Blanket Weed Controllers

EL-WW-ECO + (90 days money back + 2 Years extended guarantee)



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ECO + features a 2-stage action and uses 2 antennas to deal effectively and neatly with an age-old problem by using modern technology. There is no plumbing work required, or chemicals consumed; the solution is purely electronic, fitted in moments, and maintenance free. This model is recommended for all ponds up to about 18000 lt. (approx. 4000 gallons) or where blanket weed is severe.


ECO +  is an easily fitted* computerised descaling system to treat your pond water. It focuses a special alternating magnetic field into the flowing water had alters the balance of calcium forms in the water, and this has a devastating affect on the growth of algae which is actually what Blanket Weed is. This genus of green algae is helical or spiral in shape and over time knits itself in to a solid mass, which apart from the obvious ugliness, damages pumps and blocks pipes and chokes filters.


The system consists of 2 antennas that are easily fitted around the pipe, and would normally be placed between the pump and filter where the pipe is accessible. There is also the electronic Control Unit that is mounted nearby. The attached power supply cable needs connecting to an electricity supply, and uses very little electricity (just 3 watts which is comparable with an alarm clock or video box in stand-by).


The LEDs always gives confidence that the system is working correctly because the computer is constantly checking operation both inside and outside of the unit, so even if the antenna were unplugged, there would be a clear warning (Depending on your local regulations, a qualified electrician should permanently connect it to the electricity supply).