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Blanket Weed Controllers

EL-WW-ECO (90 days money back + 2 Years extended guarantee)



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you experience pond weed (“Blanket Weed” or Spirogyra), then ECO, or one of it’s family, is the ideal solution. ECO is suitable for treating ponds up to about 9000 lt. (approx. 2000 gallons), but ECO + takes over above that. It is a simple & quick DIY installation with no fuss.


Many ponds tend to suffer from Blanket Weed to some extent or other and the gelatinous mass that results is likely to eventually choke pumps & filters so requiring continual maintenance. And if not treated, the weed will only continue to thrive, much to the detriment of the pond’s other occupants. is an electronic blanket weed controlling system that treats your water supply as it flows around the pumped circuit. It focuses a special magnetic field into the water within the pipe, and this affects the form of the calcium in the water, which in turn destabilises the growth mechanism of the “weed”. Spirogyra is actually a form of green algae that grows into helical filaments but algae grows in a way that is different to the desirable aquatic plants. If unchecked, these algae coils mat together forming an unpleasant solid mass.


The systems requires no plumbing or chemicals, it is maintenance free. It consists of an antenna that is easily fitted around the pipe (normally be placed between the pump and filter where the pipe is accessible), and an electronic Control Unit that is mounted nearby. The attached power supply cable needs connecting to an electricity supply, and uses very little electricity (just 3 watts which is comparable with an alarm clock or video box in stand-by).


You can be confident that the system is working correctly because it constantly checks itself and shows you if a fault is detected (Depending on your local regulations, a qualified electrician should permanently connect it to the electricity supply)