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Protecting Your Koi From Predators

These are methods of protecting your fish and pond equipment from animals and thieves. Koi fish are unfortunately likely to attract the attention of passing wildlife.

Koi Pond Protection

Koi's bright colors put them at a severe disadvantage against predators; as the brighter colours are easier to spot in the dark green of a pond. Herons, kingfishers, raccoons, cats, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs are all capable of emptying a pond of its fish.

  1. Overhanging Trees. Build your koi pond in an area where it is surrounded by overhanging trees. This will help to block the view of the pond from predatory birds flying overhead.

  2. Avoid steps. Smooth, straight sides make fishing more difficult.

  3. Deep water depth. Make the pond deep enough to discourage predators. For example, both cats and herons will not attempt to kidnap a koi if the water is deep.

  4. Hiding places. A “Koi Kastle” can provide a koi with cover from a predator. Water lilies, other floating plants on the surface of the pond, and tall grass around the edges of your pond will also provide good natural shelter.

  5. Decoy. Plastic decoys are widely available online and from pet shops. They come in a number of styles and varieties. Once a predator snatches a decoy, it may be discouraged from trying the same pond again.

  6. Motion-detection system. Most work by detecting a predator before it reaches the pond and spraying the animal with a blast of water. These can be purchased online or at pet fish outlets.

  7. Plastic heron. This might trick potential predators into thinking another hungry creature is already feeding at the pond and drive them away.

  8. A low voltage electric wire or fence. These are a last resort and not necessarily recommended by us. It is best to set these mild shock-givers for activation during the night on a timer to avoid accidental shocks when people are around the pond. The electric shock is not harmful but it is definitely unpleasant!

Koi can actually live for centuries...and these tips should keep your precious and beautiful aquatic friend safe and sound in a fort knox-style pond!