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Map of Hard Water Areas

These maps represents average water hardness of an area. Your water quality may differ.

Hard water in England and Wales

Information from the British Drinking Water authority shows that drinking water in England is generally considered to be 'very hard', with most areas of England, particularly east of a line between the Severn and Tees estuaries, exhibiting above 200 ppm (very hard) for the calcium carbonate equivalent. Wales, Devon, Cornwall and parts of North-West England are softer water areas, and range from 0 to 200 ppm.

British Map

Hard water in Ireland

Water Hardness in Ireland

Hard water in Spain and Portugal

Hradness map of Spain& Portugal

Hard water in United States

Large number of American homes suffer from hard water (More than 85%). Hard and very hard waters are found in some of the streams in most of the regions throughout the country. Hardest waters (greater than 1,000 ppm) are in streams in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and southern California. Moderately hard waters are common in many of the rivers of the Tennessee, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska regions. The softest waters occur in parts of the New England, South Atlantic-Gulf, Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii regions.

Water Hardness map of USA

Hard water in Canada

Prairie provinces (mainly Saskatchewan and Manitoba) contain high quantities of calcium and magnesium, often as dolomite, which are readily soluble in the groundwater that contains high concentrations of trapped carbon dioxide from the last glaciation. In these parts of Canada, the total hardness in ppm of calcium carbonate equivalent frequently exceed 200 ppm, if groundwater is the only source of potable water. The west coast, by contrast, has unusually soft water, derived mainly from mountain lakes fed by glaciers and snowmelt.
Some typical values are: Vancouver < 3 ppm, Winnipeg 77 ppm, Montreal 116 ppm, Toronto 121 ppm, Saskatoon < 140 ppm, Charlottetown PEI 140 - 150 ppm, Calgary 165 ppm, Regina 202 ppm.

Hard water in Australia

Analysis of water hardness in major Australian cities by the Australian Water Association shows a range from very hard (Adelaide) to very soft (Melbourne). Total Hardness levels of Calcium Carbonate in ppm are: Melbourne: 10 - 26; Hobart: 5.8 - 34.4; Darwin: 31; Sydney: 39.4 - 60.1; Canberra: 40; Perth: 29 - 226; Brisbane: 100; Adelaide: 134 – 148.