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Electronic Water Descalers

Water Descaler FAQ


 Water Wizard,  Water Magic,  Water Heavy Duty,  Water Heavy Duty + 

Q          How soon will I experience benefits ?
A          The unit will immediately start the descaling process and inhibit further build-up of hard lime scale deposits. However, it is not so easy to remove deposits already present when considering the build up period, 10, 20, 30 years or more, but the water conditioner will slowly eliminate existing lime scale as descaled water is passed through the system, but this process can take months especially if water consumption is low (it may have taken years for the scale to build up). The sooner a conditioning system is installed, the sooner the existing damage is counteracted.

Q          Are there alternatives ?
A          By taking no action, you are likely to replace pipe-work, boilers, storage tanks, radiators, showers, washing machines, kettles etc. much earlier than you should, as well as using more environmentally damaging cleaning materials and use increasingly more fuel to drive the system. Another option is to use a chemical based softening system that is more expensive to buy, more expensive to get installed, and more expensive to run.

Q          Which water descaler is best for me ?
A          The Water Wizard is perfect for a regular home, but the Water Magic is suitable for larger houses, although this does depend on the degree of hardness of the water. For more serious applications, the Water Heavy Duty is more powerful still and has dual antennas to provide a 2-stage action for particularly hard water areas or larger installations. Finally the Heavy Duty + combines 2 Heavy Duty conditioners into 1 unit to condition 2 separate water feeds, and would be the ideal choice for applications such as hotels.

Q          Is it suitable for Commercial or Industrial premises ?
A          For premises larger than a normal house, there are Heavy Duty versions that are even more powerful, and in the case of the “Heavy Duty +” will protect 2 separate pipes (it is essentially 2 complete units in 1 unit).

Q          Where must it be installed ?
A          The conditioning system is normally fitted to the incoming water supply pipe before it branches out, for example, next to a water meter, main stop tap, or where it enters the property. The antenna(s) must be wrapped around the pipe, and the electronic unit mounted close-by.

Q          Can I install it myself ?
A          It is a quick and simple D.I.Y job. There is no plumbing to do, the system fits around and next to the existing pipe(s), and the supplied adapter plugs into a standard power outlet socket.

Q          Does it require chemicals or other items to be bought over time ?
A          No, nothing further is required after fitting and switching on, other than electricity.

Q          How do I know if it is working ?
A          The unit is computerised and monitors the output current to ensure that the entire system is working correctly. If there was a broken connection in a pipe antenna, for example, the unit will clearly indicate the fault on its LED display.

Q          Is the treated water good to drink ?
A          Yes. The conditioning only affects the structure of the lime scale to prevent it from building up on surfaces. The desirable mineral content is not diminished, in fact the suspended calcium is good for you. There are a variety of positive benefits attributed to softer water which you may benefit from. Also the water is good for watering plants, the pH is unaffected.

Q          What does it get power from ?
A          The system draws power from a standard power outlet. Check that you get the correct version for 230 (220/240) or 115 (110/120) volts ac (50/60Hz). Power consumption is very small indeed, comparable with an alarm clock or video product on stand-by.

Q          Can I extend the power lead ?
A          Yes, we supply 5.0m extension lead.

Q          Can I extend the Aerial lead ?
A          Yes, we supply 5.0m extended lead.

Q          How much does it cost to run ?
A          Very little, the products are low power consumption and wattage varies from 2.5W to 10W depending on which model and voltage you have (Water Wizard, Water Magic, Water Duty and Water duty +). The actual cost varies from country to country but as an indication the cost start from £0.18 (or US$0.28) per month.

Q          Is it safe ?
A          Yes. It complies with the required safety standards. The water system needs no modification at all, so there is no danger of water leaks. The water conditioner output signals are safe low voltages. Of course, as with any electronic product, you need to ensure that water is kept away from it.

Q          How many pipes or appliances will one unit protect ?
A          The unit is intended to protect the incoming water supply via a single pipe, and so, for example, can protect a whole house. Alternatively, it can be fitted on a branch if a particular part of your water system wants special attention. In the case of the Water Heavy Duty + there are outputs for 2 separate pipes, each being dual action.

Q          What type of pipes will it work on ?
A          Both regular copper, Iron and all types of plastic, of any age, are effective.  If the pipe diameter is much larger than normal (about 25mm), then a Heavy Duty version is recommended. It will also work in lead systems, but a length of copper or plastic pipe should be arranged for the antenna section, but we generally do not recommend installation on lead pipes, a lead pipe when is descaled may expose your water to direct contact with lead. It works equally in any orientation, horizontal or vertical.

Q          Can it interact with any other equipment ?
A          No, there are no disadvantages, it will work in any plumbing system without incompatibility. Note that boiling the conditioned water can remove the effect, so lime scale build-up may still occur in a kettle if boiled water is left in it. If this is not acceptable, any boiling water should be poured away and replaced by fresh cold water (subject to manufacturers guidelines).

Q          How long will it last ?
A          There are no moving parts, and no chemical processes involved, because it is purely electronic with nothing to wear out; so it should last as long as any regular electronic product. As it requires no attention after switching on, you can just forget about it.

Q          How long have you been successfully making water conditioners ?
A          We have been manufacturing and supplying electronic water conditioners continually since 2001.