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Electronic Water Descalers

Water Descaler Technical

Limescale is crystalline calcium carbonate that is deposited out of hard water.

When it is in contact with the inner surface of a pipe, for example, it bonds with the existing scale build-up to form an ever-thickening hard residue that blocks pipes and impedes flow as well as reducing the efficiency of boilers, radiators etc by virtue of its thermal resistance.

The purpose of water descaling is to affect the form of the calcium carbonate (not to chemically change it) so that it tends to remain in suspension as tiny particles in the water rather than forming a solid deposit at it’s boundary.

This reforming is effected using a time-variant magnetic field which, although harmless to humans, is in sufficient concentration within the antenna(s) that are wound around the pipe(s) to reform the calcium carbonate crystals. Unlike the static effect of a permanent magnet, this field is tailored to optimise the effect using computer generated waveforms of varying frequencies.

This technique therefore adds no additional chemicals to the water, has no effect on it’s natural pH, and retains all of the beneficial minerals.
The scientific effectiveness has been demonstrated by independent practical testing at The University Of Bath (compared with an unconditioned control, there was 10milligrams less scale deposited per 300mm  length of 25mm pipe after just 30 days).

Fig 1 - Before DescalingFig 2 - LimescaleFig 3 - Limescale Close UpFig 4 - After Descaling