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Conservatory Vent Controllers

EL-VC-AVC002P (Vent Controller Pack)

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This is the standard package that combines an Automatic Vent Controller AVC002C with a Rain Sensor AVC002R to provide a fully automatic conservatory temperature control system. One simple dial selects the target temperature in degrees Celsius. The controller adjusts the heat in a conservatory like a wall thermostat in a central heating system, except with direct solar heating it controls the roof vents to lower the temperature to that set on the vent controller. If it gets too hot, the vents are opened, if it then gets too cold, the vents are closed.

Up to eight EL-VC-AVC002M actuators can be controlled by EL-VC-AVC002C vent Controller.

The case size is 148 x 88 (the same as a normal standard UK twin socket, so can be fitted flush or surface mount) and 52mm deep excluding thermostat setting knob. Colour: white, labelling black.

By including an EL-VC-AVC002R Rain Sensor, the system will continually monitor for the first drop of rain and take immediate action to give protection against unexpected wet weather. The automatic control will be over-ridden, when it is raining outside, whether the vents were previously opened automatically or even if opened manually. If the vents are open when it starts raining, they will be automatically closed, and held closed until it becomes dry again, then the vents will open automatically if required to maintain the set temperature. The rain sensor is easily mounted, typically on the sloping roof, using a permanent self-adhesive fixing (no drilling or preparation required).

The Rain Sensor is a small discrete white unit 28 x 51 x 75mm (excluding cable entry gland).

Although it also incorporates manual vent controls, additional stand-alone AVS001 manual controls can optionally be added to offer manual control from alternative locations.