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Conservatory Vent Controllers

EL-VC-AVS001 (Vent Motor Switch)

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Although the EL-VC-AVC002P kit provides manual as well as automatic control of the vents, it may be convenient to have additional controls at alternative locations. This unit works completely independently of the automatic controller and directly drives the vent actuators. It is even possible to use this as a main controller with no automatic control at all.

The large rocker switch is spring loaded to the central off position where the vents will remain undisturbed in their previously set position. Pressing the switch upwards will start raising the vent, and pressing it downwards will cause the vent to lower.

This also permits the vent to be set partially open/closed as desired, as well as fully open or closed, depending on the duration of your press.

The switch is the same overall size and form as a standard UK light switch panel, and mounted in exactly the same way. It comes complete with a suitable “back-box” with through-earth/neutral terminal. Colour white. Current rating is 10 amps (resistive) at 250VAC or 24VDC.