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Water Conditioner

Water conditioners can provide several fantastic benefits for you and your family, not to mention your wallet. Hard water is a big problem in many areas of the United Kingdom, including London, which experiences the hardest water levels.

What is hard water?
Hard water is characterised by the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. Higher mineral contents equate to harder water levels. Water hardness is measured in PPM (parts per million). Anything over 200 PPM is considered hard.

Around 60% of the UK’s water supply is hard. The East and Central regions experience the hardest water supplies. London, in particular, experiences some of the hardest water levels in the UK. In contrast, The North and South-East have the softest water supplies.

Check our map of hard water areas to find out water hardness in your area.

While hard water itself is not a problem, the crystalline calcium carbonate (limescale) that forms can lead to many problems. Here are some of the issues that hard water can contribute to:

The problems of hard water

The effects of hard water can be damaging and costly. Skin and hair can be affected by washing with hard water. The skin and scalp can become dry, itchy, and saw due to damage to the skin’s protective barrier. For those suffering from eczema, this can lead to worsening symptoms or flare-ups.

It can also lead to many problems with appliances and heating. Calcium and magnesium mineral deposits can build up and block the inside of pipes, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and kettles. This causes appliances to become less efficient and have a reduced lifespan.

People with hard water supplies may also need more soaps and detergents. The minerals in hard water react badly with soap's fatty acids, so more soap and detergent may be necessary to produce a suitable effect.

Water conditioners and water softeners

Water conditioners and softeners are two methods for alleviating the problems associated with hard water. While these two methods may help overcome hard water problems, they work differently and produce different results.

Unlike water softeners, water conditioners are salt-free. This means treated home water is safe for drinking and cooking. They do not use the ion process to soften water, where the positive charge of the minerals is attracted to the negatively charged resin beads inside.

While this produces soft water that feels softer, operating a water softener system can be costly. That’s because the resin beads continually need to regenerate using salt pellets to work. A water conditioner unit does not require regular maintenance for operation unlike installing a water softener.

Instead, water conditioners work by attaching a coil of wire around the main water inlet pipe. The conditioning device then emits an electromagnetic field through the pipe, which seeks to alter the behaviour of mineral ions. The field is harmless to humans, and water is safe for use.

By altering the behaviour of mineral ions, it prevents them from discharging and solidifying. Once up and running, the device requires no additional maintenance or upkeep. Most UK households will find a water conditioner is sufficient to overcome any problems.

A tiny, 2-9 watt of power is required for operation (comparable to an alarm clock on standby). This is comparable to a cost of £8-£25 for repurchasing salt pellets necessary for regenerating a water-softening unit.

Still have a question on water conditioning? Check out our FAQs page.

Water conditioning benefits
The benefits of a water conditioner are huge and include the following:
  • The efficiency of your heating systems can be improved by preventing scale build-up inside pipes.
  • The life of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and showers can be extended, reducing maintenance.
  • Over time, scale will be removed from heating systems, appliances, and plumbing systems, such as taps and pipes.
  • Having a water conditioner can save you money on the maintenance of appliances, heaters, and showers.
  • Certain skin conditions (such as eczema) can benefit.
  • Reduce the amount of cleaning products, washing powder, soap, and shampoo you consume.
  • Clothes and crockery can benefit from washing, enhancing the colour and shine, and preventing scale stains.
  • You will notice that hair is softer and easier to manage.
  • You will benefit from better bath water without needing a bubble bath.
  • Water will rinse away without leaving any soap scum.

Water Conditioner Solutions

At Electrostore Online, we provide a selection of water conditioner solutions that can meet the needs of any hard water problem.
  • Water Wizard: This water conditioner, priced at £ 45.95, is perfect for an average-sized family home and is our lowest-cost option £.
  • Water Magic: This water conditioner is more suited to larger homes and is competitively priced at £79.95.
  • Water Heavy Duty: This water conditioner is suited for larger premises with a high volume of water usage. It is a fantastic price at £109.50.
  • Water Heavy Duty +: This water conditioner is our most heavy-duty and is suitable for large premises, such as guest houses and hotels. It costs £185.50.
All prices include VAT. UK, US, and European power supplies are available. Please choose the correct power supply on the product page. We also have power adapters and extension leads available for use with our water conditioners.